Текст песни группы Thousand Foot Krutch - All The Way Live - Set it Off (2001)

(Thousand Foot Krutch All The Way Live - Original Song Lyrics)


Thousand Foot Krutch - All The Way Live - оригинальный текст песни с альбома группы Thousand Foot Krutch - Set it Off (2001)


F-f-funk it, f-f-funk it
F-f-funk it, f-f-funk it up
F-f-funk it, f-f-funk it, ohh
Let's funk it up

Relate, vacate, what's today's rate?
In this day 'n' age, ain't nobody safe
Get'cha got'cha, yo, who shot'cha?
I must warn ya, it's that way, California

No one's givin', everyone's takin'
Who set's off the moves, you're makin'?
Huh, we're bringin' it, got you singin' it
Hold on tight 'cause' this might sting a bit

Now, bring it back

Yo, I gotta let my peeps know
Success ain't rated by how much dough you hold
Ha, huh, huh and it don't make sense
To live your whole life for the dollars an' cents

'Cause this greed is killin' us by the hundreds
Ya sittin' on a million but ya still wonderin'
I guess happiness ain't a fish you can't catch
Fool ya lookin' in the wrong direction

It don't matter whether ya rich or not
'Cause if ya gone, ya gone, ain't nothin' ya got
It matters most in this circle of life
If ya find your reason for being here

If ya don't know, listen here
It's outlined in the book of life
You want things to make sense?
Take a U turn, make it right

For the two triple zero
We come hummin'
My hand grippin' the mic tight
That's how I'm comin'

All the way live
All the way live
All the way live
All the way live
Uh, feel the funk, make it rough

It's just something that happens, we try hard to deny
We'll find out when it happens, it's in the air tonight
Here it comes now, fast like a gun now, on the run now?
Turn to number one, now, ya feet slowing
You're crazy and tired, come back

Hit me, sometimes, life is tricky
The stickman comes along to stick me
Flick me, he cannot get with me
Got saved 'n' got the victory, ooh

Now who planned this? The Krutch don't miss
With that funked out twist to get'cha on the canvas
We are the ill type but only when we grip mics 'n' TFK
Be the squad that'll burn out the lights

Like that, [Incomprehensible]
Gettin' upon the drum track
Crack back ya speaker, stack to be exact
Come and keep ya eyes on the clock
We rip mics of all types when we rock

On and on and on 'n' they'll be no frontin'
'Cause this is how I'm comin'

All the way live
All the way live
All the way live
All the way live
Uh, feel the funk, make it rough

All the way live
All the way live
All the way live
All the way live


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