Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch 2009 (на англ.)

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Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch 2009 (на англ.)

Сообщение kosa » 04 май 2014, 09:56

Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch 2009 (на англ.)

Thousand Foot Krutch’s front man Trevor McNevan spent a few minutes on the phone during his busy schedule to chat with! Their new record, “Welcome to the Masquerade” hits the stores September 8th!


Nappy: Hello.

Trevor: Hey, it’s Trev from TFK calling.

Nappy: Hey, how are you doing today?

Trevor: Doing good brother, how about you?

Nappy: Good, thanks for taking the time today.

Trevor: Thank you, I appreciate it.

Nappy: No problem. I’ll get going with the first question, because every time I talk to you my stuff breaks.

Trevor: (Laughter) It’s just a thing we have, we break stuff.

Nappy: First time my car breaks down, last time my computer crashed.

Trevor: Oh yeah (laughter).

Nappy: When I was sent the info on the interview I was afraid to talk to you on my blackberry for fear it might break.

Trevor: Ha, no sweat man, no worries. Where are you at?

Nappy: I’m back in North Carolina now. What about you?

Trevor: Very cool. We have a couple days off right now, so I’m just at home for few days, which is nice, just catching up.

Nappy: You guys where just in Holland, right?

Trevor: Yeah, we played in Amsterdam, Flalo Music Festival and that was awesome, really cool. We just played at the Jacksonville Jaguars game on Sunday and came home for few days.

Nappy: I want to get back to the Jaguars game, but where do you guys call home?

Trevor: The band is based out of Toronto, Canada. My wife and I moved to Nashville about three years ago, but the rest of guys are up there.

Nappy: Ok. I’m sure you are into pop culture and keep up on your TV shows.

Trevor: Yea man, it’s funny, I never have time to watch it on TV so we TiVo it or buy the season and watch one a night on the bus.

Nappy: If you could make a cameo on a TV show, which one would you like it to be?

Trevor: I would say Dextor!

Nappy: Really, I wouldn’t have guessed that one.

Trevor: I’m a fan. It’s a pretty good show. We’re big fans of Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, like the Concords and that kind of stuff. Dextor is kind of out in left field but somehow we got hooked on it on tour last year.

Nappy: I was going to suggest House!

Trevor: Dude, I love House! House would equally be sick!

Nappy: Have you see Shaq VS?

Trevor: No, I’m still behind on new shows.

Nappy: Shaq challenges others in their sport. Would you be willing to take Shaq on in rock show contest?

Trevor: Absolutely! That would be a blast! Only if I could have one of his shoes.

Nappy: He has tried to rap before.

Trevor: I remember that stuff. He did a thing, there was on old hip-hop group called Fu-Shnickens, and Shaq use to call himself ShaqFu (laughter). And he released a few hip-hop albums. He used to call himself Shaq Diesel for a little while too.

Nappy: He’s had so many nicknames …

Trevor: Yeah.

Nappy: I don’t know if it really counts when you label yourself too.

Trevor: Ha! Yeah. This is true. Can’t really speak to the legitimacy of his hip-hop albums, but he’s a big man, pretty incredible.

Nappy: You seem to be someone that would give out wise advice.

Trevor: Ha, I’ll try my best.

Nappy: What are your thoughts on blind dates?

Trevor: Blind dates, man. You know what, I’ve never actually been on a blind date. I would be a little skeptical. I think it could a great scenario for our busy generation. I would say it’s good idea if you trusted and loved the friend who was setting it up. If it was totally on a whim, bad idea.

Nappy: Would you ever set someone up on a blind date?

Trevor: Yeah! You know my wife more than I. She does that kind of thing quite a bit. She plays the matchmaker. Yeah, I think it’s cool and if you know both people pretty well and you see similarities and they want to meet someone, it could be fun.

Nappy: If the CMSpin crew were to challenge you and the TFK crew in a challenge, what type of challenge would you and crew be willing to accept?

Trevor: I would say paintball. Let’s put on our camo and hit up the paintball range!

Nappy: You know a few of us are experienced paintball players! You do know that right?

Trevor: Really, didn’t even know that, that ‘ups’ the ante!

Nappy: You picked one of the things that we might actually have a shot at!

Trevor: I wouldn’t say we’re experienced, but we’ve played enough times that we’re still willing to get welts. Lets do it! Actually when we were in Amsterdam, we played a TV station over there. I still have massive purple welts on my legs.

Nappy: Speaking of competition, do you try to make the songs that are stadium anthems so you can go to NFL games for free?

Trevor: When I’m writing, I love the fusion of music and professional sports and film. It is in the back of my mind when I’m writing songs. It’s not something that’s generally that’s written specifically for that. There have been a few songs, Smack Down on the new record that was written specially to work with WWE Smack Down.

Rawkfist back in the day, at the time The Rock was still a wrestler. It was being pitched to be his theme song, they were into it and all was going well. A week later he put in his resignation to become an actor, so we were like, ‘Thanks a lot buddy!” Ha!

Nappy: Did you play any sports in high school?

Trevor: Yeah, I’ve always played sports. It’s funny, I come from a real athletic/sport driven family. Dad played professional hockey, my younger brother plays pro hockey, my other brother coaches. My mom still holds high school records. I’m athletic, but I’ve been pretty much consumed by music since I was 8.

Nappy: Almost the odd one out.

Trevor: Yeah, for sure! It’s ironic. My family makes fun of me for this and we laugh about it. The last few years we’ve been playing a lot of professional sports events. A lot of teams have been coming out to the songs. It’s been awesome. It’s so ironic that the music has been the gateway to that stuff. We’ll be sitting around before we play, and my family can’t believe that we’re there because usually I don’t even know the players names but they’re all about it.

Nappy: The trip down to Jacksonville, how did that happen?

Trevor: The Jaguars contacted us about playing pre-game. It was a door that opened since Rawkfist. ESPN has been really supportive of the band, and Versus, and a lot of the sports networks. I think that it opened up other doors to play those events and play the music during highlights or live. It’s been a journey where doors keep opening vicariously through other teams and events we’ve played.

Nappy: That’s awesome! What’s the overall message or theme you are trying to get across with the new album?

Trevor: This record is very much about the masks that we all wear at times and places in our lives. It’s just saying, welcome to the masquerade. It’s ok, we’re all imperfect, nobody is perfect and God loves us for who we are and where we are. That’s the overall theme of the record. I’ve really felt from day one that these are songs for the broken and broken hearted, but they’re songs of hope. So we are excited to share it. Kind of pedal-to-the-metal adrenaline rock!

Nappy: How do you compare this album to past albums?

Trevor: This is our most aggressive record to date for sure and I’m really pumped about. There are definitely some quiet moments on the record, it’s a bit of a roller coaster ride. But yeah, I call it adrenaline rock. It’s the best way I can explain it. I’m excited man, we’re really excited to take a step to the next level. We feel like we’re just getting started even after 12 years.

Trevor’s Favorites:

Color: I know black isn’t officially a color, but I’ll say black.

Superhero: It’s a toss up between the new approved Batman and Wolverine.

Movie (lately): Hard to pick, but Heat is one of my all time favorites. Lately, GI Joe. I thought it was going to be ok, but it was really good. We have a song in the trailer, which is really cool.

Nappy: Last time I talked to you, you guys were working on getting a song on the new X-Men Origins movie.

Trevor: They’re still working on that. They’re still deciding when and where for that film. I hope so, we have a song specially placed for it, as well as for New Moon, that new Twilight movie. It’s been cool seeing that come together.

TV Show: I would say House.

Ice Cream: I’m a Pralines and Crиme guy.

Breakfast Cereal: Blueberry Mini-Wheat’s.

Food while watching Favorite TV Show: Usually involves comfort food, I’ll say Tai food.

Favorite chair while eating your favorite food while watching your favorite TV show: My wife and I usually sit right in the chair right in the middle and half sit on the floor and eat at the same time.

Nappy: Anything I missed that you would like share with readers?

Trevor: I would say, we just launched a new TFK website for the new record ( The record comes out September 8th. If you get a chance check it out and we hope to see you on the road!

Nappy: Best of luck with new album!

Trevor: Right on man, thanks!
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