Review: The Flame In All Of Us By Thousand Foot Krutch (на англ.)

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Review: The Flame In All Of Us By Thousand Foot Krutch (на англ.)

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Review: The Flame In All Of Us By Thousand Foot Krutch (на англ.)

By Tim Gibbons The much-anticipated fourth release from the Toronto-based Thousand Foot Krutch, The Flame In All of Usdelivers powerful spiritual messages with a driving, hardcore sound. Flame continues to build off of Thousand Foot Krutch’s previous release (The Art of Breaking), drifting into a much more rock driven style instead of the rapcore sound of the earlier albums.

The album is as much as a call to be representatives of God as it is a worship album. Front man Trevor McNevan says, “[The album] is every bit as much worship as Chris Tomlin or Matt Redman…” The songs that fit this scope mainly pertain to a personal walk with Jesus and interacting with the world. The tracks “New Drug”, “My Home”, and “My Favorite Disease” speak to God as a euphoric cleanser of the mind and body.

Tracks like “The Flame In All of Us”, “What Do We Know”, and the passionate “Learn to Breathe” talk to all believers in unique ways. These songs remind all believers that everyone is searching for the piece that fits the “God-sized” hole in our hearts and that, even in the face of tragedy and chaos that we can always rely on God to guide us through into His light again.

Another style of song TFK produces on “Flame” is a commentary on the social lives of non-believers. “Broken Wing,” tells the story of a boy and girl that have fallen from grace. “My Own Enemy” and “The Safest Place” point the finger at ourselves, reminding us that we are still imperfect beings. “Falls Apart” is a testimony to how our lives become unwound without God in them. “InHuman” shows God as the complete and only Savior and Redeemer of our sins.

Altogether, “The Flame In All of Us” shows a boost in maturity in the writing style on the part of the band. The guitar riffs are invigorating and each unique in their own regard, a feat not easily accomplished by hardcore bands. I give this album a 9.5 out of 10, along with my strong recommendation to add it to your collection as soon as possible.